InfuseCap autonomous production package

4 steps to implementing InfuseCap

Purchase 28mm or 38mm InfuseCap

When you purchase InfuseCap they are preassembled and 100% tested for quality assurance & delivered in aseptic bags ready to be filed with your ingredients.

Install InfuseCap Filling Station

The InfuseCap filling station is a fully automated descrambling, powder (or syrup) dosing and induction sealing station. InfuseCap also provides foil as required to ensure full control over the entire process.

Setup your existing capper

Both the 28mm & 38mm Infusecap have standard closure dimensions with minimal extension above the closure section to substantially reduces the complexity of integrating with existing capping equipment. It is suggested that you test InfuseCap compatibility with your capper before purchasing.

Apply filled infusecaps

Once InfuseCap is filled with your ingredients, simply load InfuseCap into your capper and change bottle labels for the least disruptive line change ever. Run an entirely new product with minimum production disruption and no line flushing.

InfuseCap Purchase plan examples

InfuseCap keeps it simple – check out the example plans below and let us know what works for you. Don’t see a plan that works for you, discuss it with us – we are easy to work with.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3


1 million / MOQ
5 million / Year
10 million / Year


Exclusive / County
Exclusive / State
Exclusive / Country

Minimum Contract Period

18 months
24 months
36 months

InfuseCap Filling Station

(FOB - Shanghai)

US$ 15,500

Filling speed: 800 - 1400 caps / hour

220v 50Hz 1P

Dimensions: 2200 x 1200 x 1680

Included in Purchase Contract

Filling speed: 1800 - 2400 caps / hour

220v 50Hz 1P

Dimensions: 2200 x 1200 x 1680

Aluminium Foil Cartridges

US$ 30.00 / 1000
US$ 22.00 / 1000
US$ 16.00 / 1000

InfuseCap 28mm Price

(FOB - Shanghai)

(Indication  Only)

US$ 80.00 / 1000
US$ 77.50 / 1000
US$ 59.20 / 1000

InfuseCap 38 mm Price

(FOB - Shanghai)

(Indication  Only)

US$ 82.00 / 1000
US$ 73.80 / 1000
US$ 61.50 / 1000


Manufacturing & Commissioning of InfuseCap filling station +-90 days

Empty Samples (10 pieces)

US$25.00 (ex shipping - please arrange for your shipper to collect)

Filled Samples (10 pieces)

US$ 75.00 (ex shipping - please arrange for your shipper to collect)


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