Asteroid Kids

Asteroid Kids with InfuseCap© demonstrates all the benefits of dispensing cap systems.

Asteroid is a simple yet effective formula in 3 popular flavours chocolate, vanilla and strawberry bundled with the InfuseCap© convenience-pack. No more messy scooping powder into milk.

Asteroid has aseptically packed milk in a 500 ml or 375 ml PET bottle now commonly used by dairy companies globally, onto which the InfuseCap© is placed.

The cap contains flavour, healthy sweetener, near natural colorants and fortified with calcium. Most importantly it contains no preservatives and the kids get added calcium that’s all delivered fresh at time of consumption.

The real kicker however is the reaction from kids who absolutely squealed with delight when activating the cap and seeing the chocolate mix with the milk.

Kids love this product and as importantly so will moms as it provides additional calcium, no nasty “stuff”, convenience-pack and is economical.

Asteroid is the first product in this line and we are already designing a drinking yogurt version that will be fortified with vitamins and minerals.


If you are a dairy or fruit juice producer and pack in PET in either a 28mm or 38mm neck size, contact us today to discuss an exclusive license to produce and distribute the Asteroid Kids range in your region.

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