Prime Athlete

Prime Athlete has taken advantage of the benefits of InfuseCap© to creating a potent sports enhancing formula, xeler8 that delivers full efficacy at time of consumption.

Xeler8 is suitable for all ages and provides benefit for professional and recreational athletes as well as general health and wellness.

Xeler8 targets Endurance Sports providing noticeable results as a pre and post workout supplement. This formula contains concentrated functional ingredients developed by leading manufactures and certified as GRAS “Generally Accepted as Safe”.

 Xeler8 has 4-target efficacies beyond simply hydration and replenishing.

  1. Enhanced Energy
  2. Enhanced Performance
  3. Enhanced Recovery
  4. Enhanced Immunity

 Xeler8 is a Low GI formula that includes a synergistic blend of nonnutritive sugars that provide taste and energy in the form of slow digesting disaccharides, combined with ingredients that have shown to modulate blood glucose in clinical trials and aid in fat burning during vigorous exercise.

Xeler8 increases muscle endurance and sustained energy over a long period of time avoiding insulin spike known to cause exaggerated end of workout fatigue due to hypoglycemia, a common side effect of existing Sports Drinks.

This leads to improved workouts, increased fat burning, and as a result increased lean muscle gain.

Xeler8 is easily absorbed into cells and is believed to protect cells from dehydration damage by becoming a gel like structure within cells keeping the cell intact when dehydrated or exposed to cell damaging acids produced during strenuous activity.

Trials with athletes have shown increased recovery when supplementing xeler8 45 minutes before exercising. It is believed that cells retain their structural integrity when dehydrated allowing faster rehydration - as opposed to irreparable cell collapse requiring the body to remove and replace the damaged cell. As the cells remaining intact, recovery is accelerated and possibly leads to less painful post exercise muscular stress.

Xeler8 improves the transport vehicle shuttling of long chain fatty acids across the inner mitochondrial membrane. Once inside the mitochondria, carnitine releases these fatty acids that are broken down through a process called beta-oxidation for the production of ATP or energy. This process inversely is also important for the removal of potentially toxic acyl-CoAs from the mitochondria.

This results in several proven performance enhancing features backed by extensive clinical trials showing increased strength and endurance, increased oxygen intake and reduced oxygen debt, reduced recovery times and increased fat burning during and after exercise.

Supplementation with xeler8 is particularly helpful for professional athletes in supporting immune system health.


If you are a water bottling or soft drink company that produces with PET in 28mm or 38mm, contact us today about an exclusive license for the Prime Athlete range in your region.

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