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Fusion 38

38mm standard 3 start bottle neck thread

Two-part assembly

12,5 ml formula Volume

Total Height: 40 mm

Height above closure section: 220mm

Fusion 28

28mm PCO 1881 neck thread

Two-part assembly

5,5 ml formula Volume

Total Height: 40mm

Height above closure section: 220mm

Designed for Consumers

InfuseCap provides a hermetic chamber that protects ingredients in a broad range of applications

InfuseCap is optimised for large volume retail applications

InfuseCap is the most functional and intuitive to activate:

Top surface gripers can only be turned in the correct activation direction

The activation twist is in the same “loosening "direction as opening a standard closure

The top surface grippers reduce the grip force required to activate the closure

Twist to activate required less force than press to activate systems

InfuseCap only requires a 90º twist - unlike other systems that are “turned” almost 360º in a non-intuitive “tightening” direction.

Designed for Integration

Both bottle and closure contents have absolute integrity:

The system includes Tamper-Evident band between bottle and closure.

The system includes Tamper-Evident band between the closure and the ingredients chamber

No shrink-wrap required for Tamper Evidence

InfuseCap closures are compatible with industry-standard threads to ensure that preforms are readily available globally

InfuseCap withstands stacking forces of beverages in transport preventing accidental activation

The InfuseCap ingredient fill & seal station is available for installation within your facility for full production autonomy

InfuseCap is easily integrated into existing beverage production systems

InfuseCap is exciting on any brand

xeler8 Sports Drink

Prime Athlete takes advantage of InfuseCap to deliver a potent sports enhancing formula with full efficacy as it only mixed at time of consumption.

Xeler8 targets Endurance Sports providing noticeable results as a pre, during & post-workout supplement, but is suitable for all ages and activity level. 

xeler8 contains functional ingredients developed by leading manufactures and certified as GRAS “Generally Accepted as Safe” with 4-target efficacies beyond simply hydration and replenishing.

These include:

      1. Enhanced Energy
      2. Enhanced Performance
      3. Enhanced Recovery
      4. Immune suppor

In addition Xeler8 is Low GI with a synergistic blend of slow release sugars that go beyond taste to provide energy through slow-digesting disaccharides that combined with ingredients shown in clinical trials to modulate blood glucose and aid in fat burning during vigorous exercise.

By avoiding insulin spike that causes end of workout fatigue due to hypoglycemia which is a common side effect of existing Sports Drinks, consumption of xeler8 over a period of time ensures improved workouts, increased fat burning, and as a result, increased lean muscle gain.

Xeler8 is easily absorbed into cells and is believed to protect cells from dehydration damage by becoming a gel-like structure within cells keeping the cell intact when dehydrated or exposed to cell-damaging acids produced during strenuous activity.

By protecting cells from dehydration damage, athletes have reported increased recovery times when supplementing xeler8 45 minutes before exercise and immediately after. For long duration activities consumption during exercise has show to increase endurance in addition to recovery. As cells retain structural integrity it is believed that supplementation with xeler8 speeds rehydration and possibly leads to less painful post-exercise muscular stress.

Xeler8 improves the transport vehicle shuttling of long-chain fatty acids across the inner mitochondrial membrane. Once inside the mitochondria, carnitine releases these fatty acids that are broken down through a process called beta-oxidation for the production of ATP or energy. This process inversely is also important for the removal of potentially toxic acyl-CoAs from the mitochondria.

This results in several proven performance-enhancing features backed by extensive clinical trials showing increased strength and endurance, increased oxygen intake and reduced oxygen debt, reduced recovery times, and increased fat burning during and after exercise.

Asteroid Kids

Asteroid Kids with InfuseCap demonstrates all the benefits of dispensing cap systems.

Asteroid is a simple yet effective formula in 3 popular flavours chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry bundled with the InfuseCap convenience-pack. No more messy scooping powder.

The cap contains flavour, healthy sweetener, near-natural colorants, and fortified with calcium. Most importantly it contains no preservatives and the kids get added calcium that’s all delivered fresh at time of consumption.

The real kicker however is the reaction from kids who absolutely squealed with delight when activating the cap and seeing the chocolate mix in the bottle.

Kids love this interaction and so do moms as it’s an easy, fun and economical way to provide their children with a healthier alternative.